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Maureen C.

I had been a runner 20+ years and after having my children I just made assumptions that I could not run with the same intensity due to the pain it was causing. Skeptical that anything could change this mindset, I sought out Physical Therapy with Kelly Kuhn.   With Kelly's accurate diagnosis and prognosis, I became a firm believer in the treatment that Physical Therapy provides.  Kelly provided me with a realistic and effective prescribed routine which had me not only running with more efficiency but running pain-free!  My last two 5K races produced times I have not seen since my college running days, and I credit Kelly's knowledge, experience, and patience for my renewed enjoyment of running!  

Kelly S.

Working with Kelly has been a great experience for my entire family.  Most recently, my husband was told he would would need another knee surgery after his MRI showed another tear to his meniscus.  His knee had already been scoped and he really did not want to have another surgery.  We decided to seek Kelly’s advice since she had helped me with an injury in the past. Instead of surgery my husband began physical therapy.  After a few sessions he felt a significant difference in his knee pain and he has been able to maintain an active lifestyle pain free.  Kelly is experienced and knowledgeable.  She stays on top of the latest research, and takes the time to explain her treatment plans.  As a physical therapist, wife, mom, and former athlete Kelly can relate personally to a wide range of clients and we would definitely recommend her to friends and family. 

Sarah H.

Kelly’s passion for her work was evident at each session I had with her. She spent time listening to my concerns and asked several questions in order to best assess my needs before providing the actual treatment. She does an excellent job at explaining what she’s doing and why, but speaks in terms that are easy to understand. Kelly has treated me for both my knee and back and developed a plan to restore me to my best possible shape before an important race. It’s clear from watching her with other clients and with my own treatment, that Kelly is invested in her clients. I have recommended her to several of my own friends.

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