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Sleeping with Eye Mask

Sleep Coaching

So many American's struggle with sleep and often find little help for it within our healthcare system. Sleep effects every system of our body and lack of quality sleep can be a predisposing factor for many conditions. Lack of quality  sleep contributes to poor performance at work, school and in sport and can increase pain and injury risk. Improving sleep can be a low hanging fruit to improving overall health.

As a subset of health coaching- sleep coaching uses the same patient led approach to improving sleep. Clients who wish to pursue sleep coaching will be assessed for any potential red flags of sleep disorders and referred to specialist if needed. 

Outside of a medical disorder, clients will be guided through coaching process to  discover behavior changes that lead to better sleep.  They will partner with the coach to gain understanding of the body's sleep process and take steps towards creating routines, habits and enviornments conducive to sleep and individual circadian rhythms- again keeping the individual front and center in the process.

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