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Health Coaching

Health coaching is simply counseling for health. Rooted in the science of behavior change- health coaching is emerging as a valuable part of the health care team to support traditional medicine with lifestyle change. During a health coaching session my goal is not to advise but to guide. Clients may come with a particular goal, such as starting a running program or eating healthier, or a more general vision- wanting to lose weight, be more active or have been told to change by their doctor.

The goal is to guide the client to find the path that will work for them. By asking questions and understanding the client, we can work together to make small successive changes toward success.











During the process we will discuss specific barriers to change and problem solve actions to overcome them. The goal is to move away from shaming individuals for their health/wellness struggles and celebrate even the smallest success. We must acknowledge change is hard and celebrate each step towards that change no matter how small. Building on each success to create lasting changes that may have felt unattainable in the past.

During the health coaching process, we will explore your"Why?". By exploring your personal values we can identify why a health related change matters to you and will at all times keep your reasons for change front and center. From there we will work together to identify past success to build on as well as barriers to change to problem solve. I do not believe that people make excuses, I believe people struggle with real or perceived barriers. If we ignore these we will never be able to overcome them. Instead by creating a non-judgmental place to discuss these realities clients are able to create actionable steps to work through barriers that have prevented success in the past.

Throughout the process I will guide you to chose actionable steps that you feel confident in doing. At no point will I tell you what you must or should do- instead I'll help you chose what steps to take guiding you to chose a path of success. We must build from success to build the confidence to continue the process.

We will problem solve potential setbacks and work through them without shame. In the past when you might have quit you now will understand setbacks are part of the process and will have the confidence to continue on- working towards your goal and your vision for yourself.

During the process I'll ensure you have all the tools, knowledge and social support you need on your path to change.

Health coaching is available for any change you would like to make. Some topics include but are not limited to: healthier eating, cooking, sleep improvements, stress management, exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, disease management/prevention or any behavior change you would like to make.

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Health Coaching Topics

Coaching is available for any wellness related change but some common topics include:

Diet Changes/Cookin

Stress/ Well-being


Smoking Cessation

Sleep improvements

Disease Management

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