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Ouch! My back hurts

the shift correction pictured above is a great exercise that can be done anywhere to aid decreasing pain throughout the day.


PT’s have pain too. Over the weekend I might have over done it on the couch watching football, I didn't sleep very well and my diet could have been better. Surprise, Sunday night my right low back hurt. By Monday morning it was pretty bad. If I bent over or turned it really jabbed me.

Now if I wasn’t a physical therapist, I might have chosen to rest and ice. Maybe I would have popped an ibuprofen or two. I would have avoided anything that hurt. But, I know that doesn't work, and usually this makes the pain worse. Often times people end up with MRIs and doctors bills just to find out its just back pain.

So I went to the gym. I lifted weights. Yes, I bent over and picked things up even though my back hurt. I squatted with a bar, I deadlifted. I moved without fear. In between sets I did a few of my favorite ” reset” exercises to decrease the pain. I

left with no pain and have not had even a twinge since.

This is what we need to do when we hurt, we need to move. It doesn't necessarily need to be lifting weights or the gym, but we need to move! Everybody hurts sometime, its what we do when we hurt that makes the difference. And that's what I want to teach you. How to manage it so that acute pain doesn't turn into a chronic problem. If you are having pain there are some easy solutions that can be done anywhere to help you manage. Kelly Kuhn Physical Therapy can bring those solutions to you in your home or office.

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