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Online Physical Therapy, Running Analysis
and Wellness

* Mobile or onsite appointments  are available  on request in a limited area. Please contact me for more details on this service.

About Physical Therapy Services

Welcome to my online platform for physical therapy and running injury services. Traditional physical therapy requires two to three visits per week, each taking at least one hour.  In today's world, who has time for that?  Our goal is to make physical therapy accessible to anyone in the state of Pennsylvania. With webcam technology, you can be fully evaluated and form a custom treatment plan, just as you would in a clinic.  The focus is on guiding and educating you to manage the injury yourself. With one-on-one attention you will learn how to manage your injury in fewer visits than needed with traditional therapy, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

** Patient must be in the State of Pennsylvania or Florida at the time of Physical Therapy services, some running and wellness services not related to a specific injury can be seen out of state. Please contact me before scheduling from out of state

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Running Services

Are you an avid runner with a nagging injury that's holding you back?  Are you training for a race and want to reduce injury risk?  If you are, then this service is for you. Simply upload a video of you running and I will analyze it to make suggestions that are personalized to you.  This service includes a one hour video consult with injury screen, treatment and training exercises, warm up advice, as well as load management strategies to prevent injury.

* Mobile or onsite appointments  are available  on request in a limited area.  Please contact me for more details on this service


Orthopedic Injury                              Arthritis                                    TMJ (jaw) Pain


Sports Injury                                      Knee pain                                 Headache


Running Injury                                   Shoulder Pain                          Foot and Ankle pain


Back Pain                                           Neck pain                                  Hip Pain                               


Injury Reduction                                Running Analysis                    Tendonitis



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