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Online Physical Therapy, Running Analysis
and Health and WellnessCoaching

About Physical Therapy Services

Welcome to my online platform for physical therapy and running injury services. Traditional physical therapy requires two to three visits per week, each taking at least one hour.  In today's world, who has time for that?  Our goal is to make physical therapy accessible to anyone in the state of Pennsylvania. With webcam technology, you can be fully evaluated and form a custom treatment plan, just as you would in a clinic.  The focus is on guiding and educating you to manage the injury yourself. With one-on-one attention and health coaching concepts supporting the process you will learn how to manage your injury in fewer visits than needed with traditional therapy, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Please fill out the form below or text to schedule an appointment or a free phone consultation

* Mobile or onsite appointments  are available  on request in a limited area.  Please contact me for more details on this service

** Patients must be in the State of Pennsylvania at the time of Physical Therapy services. All health coaching and wellness services not related to a specific injury can be seen out of state.

Triage Injury Care 

Did you or your child sustain an injury and you are just not sure if you can just let it heal or if you need further care such as x-rays? This service is for you. Get advice on how to manage the injury and if further care is needed.

Health and Wellness Coaching (including Sleep Coaching)

Self- care- We have all heard how important it is and we should be practicing it. We know what that means- eat better, sleep more, find work life balance, focus on mental health, exercise. Simple- right? Then why do so many people struggle with it. I cant imagine anyone not wanting to be healthier

The truth is often self care becomes one more thing that we should be doing but just aren’t- its one more way we fall short and causes us to feel shame. That doesn’t sound so healthy.

As a health coach I understand just because we know we  should be doing something doesn’t mean you are failing because you haven’t yet. Change is hard, it’s a journey and I understand all the very personal factors that effect someone’s ability to make change and why they haven’t made that change yet. As a behavior change specialist I empathetically and without judgement empower clients to forge their own path. Allowing the client to lead and taking into account their own story, personality, values,  strengths, life factors,  and environments change becomes more  attainable, more meaningful and more sustainable. Health Coaching is available for all aspects of health; including nutrition changes, cooking habits, exercise, stress management and sleep. I offer special sleep coaching program as well.  Please fill out the form below or text for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Running Specific Services

Are you an avid runner with a nagging injury that's holding you back?  Are you training for a race and want to reduce injury risk? This can be a complex topic with multiple possible solutions. By combining health coaching with physical therapy and strength and conditioning concepts we can tailor solutions to the individual that meet your needs, your time demands and keep your running goals in mind

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